The astronauts on the moon do leap around higher than on earth, and walk in a strange way we cannot duplicate accurately here on earth. But the hoax supporters, (David Percy in particular) claim this is due to 'wires' holding them up and lifting them on each step. Out of all the hours of footage of astronauts walking around on the moon, not a single wire is ever seen. Besides a single wire will allow the astronaut to rotate while off the ground, this never happens. A two-wire support would be needed as it does on stage acts. This would double the chances of the wires being seen, but is still never recorded. 

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  spacesuits and wires 

Some conspiracy supporters mention over and over that gloves would puff up in space and become useless, others say that the suit would melt or freeze. I could publish page after page of details explaining how these amazing pieces of engineering actually work. I think it would be far easier to recommend the books on our 'Books & Links' page / plus this short film...