The number of urban foxes and badgers are out of control due to decreasing natural habitat for them; this could be one cause of the hedgehog population decrease. The recent cull of badgers in Devon has resulted in an increase in Hedgehog population. This change was almost immediate, perhaps proving one part of the population decline. 

There are a few exceptions regarding foxes, but once fully grown they are fearless and aggressive toward anything that moves. We previously thought that town hedgehogs would be safe from them and only the occasional baby or weak hedgehog was preyed upon but hasn’t turned out to be true. 

Do remember foxes in particular kill for sport as many cats do. Foxes may be often fed by the public but they still kill pet rabbits, guinea pigs etc for fun. It has been known that a single fox can raid a chicken pen, kill everything that moves and just walk away. 

There are always exceptions where a fox can eat right beside a hedgehog from the same bowl and don't cause any harm, just as some cats won't chase a mouse or kill a single bird.

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