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Baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets. A healthy female can have as many as two litters a year, up to five Hoglets at a time. They are normally born around June & September after a two month pregnancy. The second set will have to gain weight rapidly or risk being underweight for hibernation and won't survive their first winter. If they are born in October, they have very little chance of survival unless taken in and fed artificially for several weeks in a shed or similar. 

​They can become independent from the mother in 6 weeks. At this stage they are very vulnerable in several ways. They lose heat rapidly and are learning to find their own food. Their spines are not too numerous or tough and can fall prey to foxes. If they are seen in daylight, this is a sign of desperation; they will almost certainly require specialist help from a wildlife sanctuary. Less than half of all new born live to see their first birthday. Those that do often live for 3 - 7 years, longer if captive in a suitable garden with wooden shelter, extra food, no predators etc.