are we alone?

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There have been thousands of publications on the subject of UFO’s, Aliens, Crop Circles, Conspiracies and the discovery of new planets and moons via various methods. Astronomers generally dismiss UFO’s in one sentence, two if they are generous. UFO supporters often dismiss the claims of many scientists just as fast. Conspiracy supporters often portray themselves in a class of their own above everybody else. With the easy publication options on the internet, these subjects have been contaminated and blurred with many wild claims supported with erroneous ‘evidence’ and claim it as proof. 

How do we sort out the mess and get to some kind of truth? With the incredible advances in technology over recent years, it should in theory be very easy. The reality is far from straight forward. With many years experience in dealing with the fields mentioned above, I have put together this book with the latest discoveries and scientific thinking in mind.